Terms of Use

OncoPrescribe is a tool that makes the life of Health Care Professionals practicing Oncology easier, by providing a comprehensive resource and giving them the ability to have the knowledge base to practice their sklls. You understand, however, that OncoPrescribe is an "advisory" tool only. By using OncoPrescribe, you are acknowledging that it is your responsibility to carefully select regimens, dosages and supportive care each time you write a prescription.

Every regimen that is presented by OncoPrescribe – and offered to the Oncology Health Care Professional as an option to prescribe for a given Diagnosis and Stage – is evidence-based, meaning that there is published research supporting use of that regimen for the specific circumstance described. However, you acknowledge that while all OncoPrescribe regimens are evidence-based, that does not automatically mean that regimen is approved for use by your individual practice. You understand that you must consider your own practice guidelines before selecting any regimens.

You also acknowledge that just because a regimen is evidence based, that does not ensure that the patient's insurance company will reimburse you for this regimen. You are responsible for determining if any regimen prescribed is covered by the applicable insurance carrier.

All data in OncoPrescribe has been subject to an intense Quality Assurance process, including review by Board Certified Oncologists to help ensure it is 100% correct. Nonetheless, it is still possible that some information may be inaccurate. As part of the process of creating the data set for this product, the OncoPrescribe team reviewed most major Oncology journals and publications. We found that ALL of them contained some factual errors, inaccuracies and/or inconsistencies. That is to be expected given the volume of information available in the field of Oncology – and the rapid rate of change of prevailing knowledge in Oncology.

Therefore, by using OncoPrescribe, you acknowledge that in rare cases there may be an error in the data and/or that some information may be out of date. If you notice any data that is not consistent with your expectations, please contact us immediately at support@oncoprescribe.com – and we will research your question.

We believe that we have created a tool to improve patient care and make the life of Health Care Professionals practicing Oncology, easier.