Privacy Policy

OncoPrescribe website along with its related websites, a partial listing of which include ChemoPrescribe, LLC., Hem/Onc Education Resources LLC., have been designed to provide information as securely as possible. The information and data that users provide through registration on our websites enables us to provide content and better serve our users needs. This information is also used to help our sponsors to better understand the demographics of our audience on an aggregate basis. Information provided is not traced back to any individual or subscriber and is not used on its own to identify an individual.

No patient or prescription data would ever be stored by OncoPrescribe. The only appropriate place to maintain patient information is in your practice's files. All prescription information is immediately deleted from memory once you print and go to the next prescription OR as soon as you log out.

  • Your login and password information - to maintain your rights to use OncoPrescribe, as well as security
  • We keep GENERAL statistics about eNL open rates, the number of prescriptions written, by diagnosis and by regimen, however.
  • There is NOT any record kept of the prescriptions written by a specific practice, or a specific physician, so,
  • Your individual history of writing prescriptions is not known or stored by OncoPrescribe.