Disclaimer On Use

Please remember that OncoPrescribe provides an advisory service only. While we do everything possible to help you provide the best care for your patients, it’s still you the HEALTH CARE PROVIDER who is ultimately responsible for patient care. We have taken many steps to help guard against you entering the wrong data, and we believe that the possibility of errors using OncoPrescribe is very small – especially compared to writing prescriptions by hand. Still, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the final order BEFORE printing; our REVIEW screen even prompts you to do so and to go back if you want to make changes.

The specific regimens & dosages of all drugs provided by this service have been recommended in medical literature and/or through evidence-based medical research. The medications and regimens do not necessarily have specific approval by the Food and Drug Administration for the disease entities and stages indicated. The Prescribing Information for each drug should be consulted for use and dosage. OncoPrescribe makes every effort to provide the latest information and revised recommendations, particularly concerning new drugs and regimens.

Any procedures, medications or other treatment that are available through OncoPrescribe should take into account an evaluation of the patient’s condition – and any contraindications on dangers in use, based on the manufacturer’s product information.

  • BSA: Mosteller Formula
  • Creatinine Clearance: Cockcroft-Gault Equation

Calculations using BSA can use either “Actual Weight” or “Ideal Weight” – the default is “Actual Weight”, but you can make changes to this if you so desire. If you choose to modify actual calculated dosages once they are calculated (using the standard dose), the modifications are already performed for you, based on a percentage above or below the calculated dosage. You may edit the calculated dose as well – either by increasing/decreasing by a given percentage, or by directly overriding the dose with your own amount. You may also choose to remove a specific medication from a standard regimen, but again that is done at your own discretion, based upon specific circumstance.